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Flexible Automatisation

In the production of utility vehicles we installed a roboter for welding. Three revolving tables are filled outside of the aera of the roboter. After them, the revolving table comes into the aera of the roboter and the workpieces are moved into the right position in front of the roboter. The workpieces are automatically detected and the data of them is transfered to the roboter. After working of the roboter, the revolving tables are going outside the aera.
In the process of tagging and settling different formats of Magnesite-stones on palettes, we installed  in a plant-contrution and engeneering  company four robots. The plant is visualized on  a PC on which the the software “In Touch” of  co. Wonderware is used.

All different kind of systems are marked by our electronical controlling systems and Know-How of our company!

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